- Grand Lodge Officers | 2019 -

- Elected Officers -

Grand Master
Most Worshipful
Jeffrey E. Hamilton

Grand Master
Deputy Grand Master
Right Worshipful
Clay G. Hamblen

Deputy Grand Master
Senior Grand Warden
Right Worshipful
Daniel J. Lawes

Senior Grand Warden
Junior Grand Warden
Right Worshipful
Jason L. Allred

Junior Grand Warden
Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer
Most Worshipful
Dean D. Rein

Grand Treasurer
Grand Secretary
Most Worshipful
Lorenzo E. Tibbitts

Grand Secretary

G.L.O.U. Facts | Each Grand Lodge Officer is either elected or appointed to a 1 year position.

- Appointed Officers -

William L. Blycker

Grand Chaplain

Jason C. Varner

Grand Orator

Travis M. McGuire

Grand Lecturer

Jeremy A. Silveira

Grand Marshal

Jason A. Mitchell

Senior Grand Deacon

Joseph H. Sanders, III

Junior Grand Deacon

Austin W. Barron

Grand Pursuivant

M.C. Rivetti

Grand Standard Bearer

David B. Tingey

Grand Sword Bearer

James P. Stolhand

Senior Grand Steward

Chad D. Powell

Junior Grand Steward

Christopher L. Mitchell

Grand Tyler

Charles E. Persinger

Grand Historian


The Historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Utah was formed in 1872 and has since worked diligently toward supporting and improving our communities and in general of promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry which have provided such a positive influence in the development of our country. In today's complicated and fast world, the ancient traditions and values of Freemasonry provide a much needed source of moral strength and honest friendship among its members.

Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge of Utah is located

in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

650 East South Temple

Salt lake City, Utah 84102