How To Join A Masonic Lodge In Utah

Have you been searching for information on how to join Freemasonry in the great State of Utah? Look no more. Here you will find all of the information you may need to begin your journey.

Welcome. Since you have made it this far in your quest for answers we gladly welcome you to review a few very simple, yet firm, requirement's for joining a lodge and becoming a Mason.

Don't wait, expecting an invitation to become a Mason. Masons wish to ensure that candidates join of their own free will. A Mason might suggest to you that you would make a good candidate for Freemasonry, but you don't need to be invited. If you're interested, tell us.

I am interested, but how do I proceed? If you know a Mason, ask him about membership. He will be glad to tell you all about the Craft and the local lodge, and give you a petition if you wish to join.
If you do not know a Mason, drop us an e-mail. We will refer to you to a local lodge, and one of the officers will contact you. Currently, there are Masonic Lodges located in the following Utah cities and towns; Bountiful, Brigham City, Cedar City, Clearfield, Corinne, Green River, Logan, Magna, Midvale, Moab, Ogden, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City, St. George, Tooele, and Vernal. Visit our lodge locator for a full list.

Become a Mason

Typically, the process is as follows:

The applicant fills out a petition. The petition asks for two sponsors, one of which has to have known the applicant for at least 6 months. If you do not know anyone in the lodge, you can meet and talk with the officersl They can usually find sponsors or act as sponsors themselves. The petition is read at the lodge during the next business meeting, which for many lodges is during the first week of the month. A committee is formed to investigate the candidate. The petition also asks for two character references.

The committee meets with the candidate to answer questions, ascertain that he meets the criteria for membership, and find out a little about him. This is not a "grilling session," but rather a friendly and casual chat to make certain that the candidate has been properly informed about Masonry and was not improperly solicited. The committee also contacts the character references listed on the petition (typically asking if they know any reason why the candidate should not be accepted, etc.) The committee reports back to the lodge during the next business meeting and the candidate is voted on. If accepted, someone from the lodge (often the Secretary) contacts the candidate and informs him that he has been accepted and schedules a date for the Entered Apprentice degree.


The Historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Utah was formed in 1872 and has since worked diligently toward supporting and improving our communities and in general of promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry which have provided such a positive influence in the development of our country. In today's complicated and fast world, the ancient traditions and values of Freemasonry provide a much needed source of moral strength and honest friendship among its members.

Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge of Utah is located

in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

650 East South Temple

Salt lake City, Utah 84102