- Freemason's Universal Tartan® -

We are pleased to offer a variety of items made from the Freemason's Universal Tartan® pattern. This beautiful pattern is registered in Scotland, and is the only registered tartan pattern intended for use by all Freemasons and appendant bodies worldwide. For an overview of this tartan and its history, please click here Freemason's Universal Tartan® Page

We offer men's ties, bow ties, cummerbunds, scarves, and bulk tartan material.

We currently accept PayPal payments online & personal and business checks in person, or mailed to, the Grand Lodge of Utah office. We will ship items paid for by check when the check arrives in our office. We try to ship immediately but please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from the order date. All shipments are through United States Postal Service. If there are additional shipping charges due to a large or overseas order, we will contact you before shipping.

Masonic Tartan


The Historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Utah was formed in 1872 and has since worked diligently toward supporting and improving our communities and in general of promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry which have provided such a positive influence in the development of our country. In today's complicated and fast world, the ancient traditions and values of Freemasonry provide a much needed source of moral strength and honest friendship among its members.

Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge of Utah is located

in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

650 East South Temple

Salt lake City, Utah 84102